Spicerhaart Corporate Sales achieves record performance levels

Jessica Nangle

February 13, 2020


Asset management specialist Spicerhaart Corporate Sales has announced record performance levels in January.

It achieved an average sale price of 107.2% against market value in January, which surpasses the previous high of 106.5% achieved in July 2019.

It took on average 85 days from a property going on the market to completion, whilst the total time from possession to completion saw an average of 116 days.

Mark Pilling, managing director at Spicerhaart Corporate Sales, said: “Our primary goal is to achieve the highest possible price in the shortest possible time, while ensuring positive customer outcomes.

“Repossession is always a last resort but where this is necessary it is in the interests of both lenders and borrowers that a good price is achieved in a timely manner.

“January saw a bounce from the election result as buyers who had been hesitant proceeded to exchange and completion.

“The fresh properties coming to the market in Q4 received a lot of interest prior to and post the Christmas break.

“Through ongoing investment in people and technology, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to outperform the market.

“We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of residential and commercial properties and this enables us to achieve the best possible customer outcomes.”

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