SPML extends extends refund offer

Kay McLellan

June 13, 2006

Applicants will be able to qualify for a refund of one month’s mortgage payment on all products. The offer will now be applicable to applications received by SPML on or before 12 August (extended from17 July) 2006 which complete on or before 30 September 2006. For borrowers to qualify for this offer, SPML must receive the first three monthly mortgage payments in full from the borrower by direct debit on the due date. Any borrower that qualifies will receive one month’s refund, within four weeks of the third payment.

John Prust, SPML’s sales and marketing director, said: “We are very pleased to be able to extend this promotional offer, following high levels of interest being shown by our packagers and brokers. The extra four weeks will give many more customers the chance to benefit from the cash incentive to keep to their payment commitments, and will also help brokers to generate interest among potential mortgage customers at a season which can often be a slow period for business enquiries.”

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