Spotahome: Just 14% of rental stock is shared accommodation

Jake Carter

January 27, 2021

shared ownership

Just 14% of available stock in the rental market is shared, according to Spotahome.

London is accountable for the largest quantity of shared rental homes with 76,471 listed online, however this equates to 7% of rental listings, the lowest of all cities analysed.

The second lowest ratio was in Glasgow, with 8% of all rental listings being for shared accommodation.

Meanwhile, Leeds registered the highest number of rental properties listed as shared accommodation at 43%.

This was followed by Plymouth with 42% of all available rental properties being shared accommodation in the city.

Spotahome analysed rental market listing data from the major property portals across 23 major UK cities.

Jorge Alonso, head of data and analytics at Spotahome, said: “It doesn’t matter if you’re moving home within the same city, moving to another city in the UK, or moving to a completely different country, opting for shared rental accommodation can bring a number of benefits.

“Of course, the driving factor for many is often financial, with shared rental accommodation not only requiring less in rent, but it also allows you to split the cost of bills and wider living amongst you and your housemates.

“It’s also a great way to meet people when moving to a new city which can make a big difference to your personal enjoyment and often means a fast track to finding the best places to socialise, get coffee, eat out and so on.

“However, in current times, shared rental homes also provide a further benefit.

“With a third national lockdown, many tenants have once again found themselves battling the loneliness of living alone.

“For those in shared accommodation, they at least have the daily interaction with their housemates even if they can’t do much, which can make a huge difference to mental wellbeing.”

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