Spotahome: Three quarters of tenants have had rental plans disrupted due to pandemic

Jake Carter

February 23, 2021


Research by proptech Spotahome revealed that 76% of tenants have had their plans within the rental market disrupted due to the pandemic.

The research also revealed an estimated 77% of tenants feel safe renting in the current climate.

In addition, 38% of tenants plan to move but will not until lockdown restrictions are eased.

A further 21% have been unable to move due to the pandemic, for reasons such as shielding, quarantine or being unable to travel to their rental destination of choice.

Furthermore, 16% can no longer afford to rent their current property due to being on furlough or job losses.

Looking to the greatest concerns, 29% of tenants stated that getting by on their remaining income once the rent has been paid is their greatest worry.

Meanwhile, 20% stated that the condition of their property was the biggest issue with their letting agent or landlord failing to rectify problems.

Jorge Alonso, head of data and analytics at Spotahome, said: “It’s clear to see that the impact of the current pandemic continues to influence the decisions of tenants in the UK, with the ongoing restrictions in place causing many to reconsider their place within the rental market and when they plan to move.

“The good news is that for the large part tenants feel safe and while finances are a concern, they aren’t the driving issues for the vast majority.

“Uncertainty, space and quality of living conditions are far more important and this is a trend that is likely to remain as we’re eased back to normality.”

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