State of neighbors gardens more important to buyers than decor


August 23, 2017

Those looking to buy are more concerned about the state of a potential neighbour’s garden than the interior of a new home they are proposing to buy, new research from Foxtons has suggested.

Location is still the top priority when it comes to house hunting followed, by property size, outside space, parking, having a garage, transport links and council tax.

But next on the list is the state of neighbouring gardens, followed by the size of the bathroom. The interior decoration is only tenth in the list of priorities.

Greg Nickson, Foxtons Guildford sales manager, said: “While this may come across as an unexpected finding, it could be attributed to the fact that we can easily change and improve our own house, but what a neighbour does or at times doesn’t do is out of our hands.

However location remains key with 85% saying it is the most important consideration. But, Foxtons’ own data shows that as many as one in three people buy or rent a property in an area that they didn’t initially look in, suggesting that while this factor is one of the most important, people are also prepared to be flexible.

Nickson added: “Every buyer has their individual checklist of priorities for their new home, usually revolving around enabling the lifestyle they seek to have in the new place. But whether it is proximity to good schools, workplace, nature or good range of amenities, location does always come top of the list.

Over 70% said property size is one of the most important factors with 62% emphasising the importance of having a garden, over 50% wanting an allocated parking space or a garage and one in three saying that closeness to transport links is the most important thing when finding their perfect home.

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