Stevenage, Watford and Hastings most at risk if there’s a no deal Brexit

Ryan Bembridge

November 30, 2018

House prices in London’s commuter belt could be hardest hit in the event of a no deal Brexit – with Stevenage, Watford and Hastings being most at risk.

These areas are more polarised between the cost of houses and flats, as the price gap between flats and homes is 197% in Stevenage after growing by 68.2% in five years.

Over the same period the price gap between flats and houses in Watford has grown 53.2% to 201.4%, while in Hastings it has widened by 63% to 184.7%.

James Newbery, investment manager at British Pearl, said: “Parts of the UK property market have made considerable gains and, the relative value of homes in different price bands now poses a serious risk to homeowners and investors in the run-up to March 2019.

“The fallout from no-deal is most likely to be felt hardest in the capital’s commuter belt, where markets have moved too far and too fast. That is bad news for both ordinary investors and homeowners, particularly those who have borrowed to make their purchase.”

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