Stonebridge launches COVID-19 business support hub

Jessica Bird

April 9, 2020

support hub

Mortgage and insurance network Stonebridge has launched a COVID-19 support hub for its appointed representative (AR) firms.

The hub contains a frequently asked questions section covering topics such as contact details, paperless fee agreements, business standards and lender payment holidays.

It will also provide all communications and guides that have been issued by Stonebridge since the crisis began, as well as advice for mortgage customers and useful resources for both advisers and clients on subjects such as home moving and personal wellbeing.

Rob Clifford, chief executive at Stonebridge, said: “It’s obviously vitally important, during the current situation, that our AR firms, advisers and their clients, have access to all the appropriate support and guidance they require in order to digest and adopt market changes, but also to ensure their businesses are in the best possible position to come out the other side.

“With the addition of our new support hub, we aim to add even more value, providing detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as guidance for both advisers and clients covering all manner of information.

“I’m delighted to say that all our departments and business support functions are operating well, despite the lockdown, and we are stressing to our firms that we are here to help them every step of the way, as they deal with both client and their own business concerns.

“Nobody needs to feel on their own and we will continue to add to our hub in order to make this challenging journey as tolerable as possible for our members.”

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