Stonebridge launches new POS system

Nia Williams

August 22, 2011

The new system will give Stonebridge’s AR firms access to a sales-driven, intelligent fact-finding tool that can offer a range of multi-faceted solutions, across a variety of products, according to the network.

The new POS system has full integration with mortgage, protection and general insurance sourcing software along with semi-automated production of those documents which are mandatory when delivering advice.

Revolution is a compliant all-encompassing and complete business solution. It has been developed to enhance all areas of ARs’ business from lead generation and sales progression through to business processing and customer retention. It blends seamlessly with Stonebridge’s existing client tracking portal and compliments and enhances the ability to service and manage introducers via an interactive website.

Commenting, Richard Adams, managing director of Stonebridge Group, said: “We have taken a major leap forward with this new POS system. Revolution is an advanced client management tool with an administration function, interactive adviser elements, and agent and customer web portals. However, the new system is designed to function at the point-of-sale with all its focus on delivering the most complete sales experience for both the adviser and the client.

“The system works for the adviser ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked and that the client’s wants and needs are fully covered. It also functions as a compliance aid being able to produce all the necessary documentation for a fully-compliant sale.

“With our system, advisers should be confident that they have covered off all bases in terms of client details, product sourcing, suitability and other financial product needs.”

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