Storm Angus leads to soaring buy-to-let claims

Jessica Nangle

December 1, 2016

Landlord insurance claims rose by 40% in the wake of Storm Angus, data released by Simple Landlords reveals.

Simple Landlords reported a surge of calls from landlords whose investment properties were damaged by the storm.

Dave Walker, claims manager at Simple Landlords, said: “The first storm of the season serves as a reminder to all landlords to make sure their property is well maintained as we head into winter.”

Angus hit last Sunday with winds of 97 mph recorded across Southern England, leading to a 672% increase in claims for weather related damage.

Simply Landlords received a 25% spike in calls last week following the adverse weather and Walker emphasises how 2015 also saw similar statistics.

Walker added: “Last year the cumulative effects of heavy winds and rain took their toll and claims rose in severity towards the end of the season.”

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