Summer is the most popular season to move home

Michael Lloyd

September 13, 2019

Summer is the most popular season to move home, the latest research from Safestore has found.

Almost a third (29%) of the UK decide to move during the warmer months, compared to just 23% in Spring,

July was found to be the most popular month to move amongst many regions in the UK.

London, South East and the East of England preferred August as their moving month.

Autumn was found to be the second most popular season, with 27% of people moving during this time.

The increase of people moving during the summer months was also reflected in rental enquiries as they reached their highest level during July and August.

England saw the sharpest rise in rental prices overall, particularly from April to August, with prices fluctuating between 2.32% and 2.23%.

England also had the highest rental price increases compared to Wales and Scotland.

Wales had the lowest rental price increases, with July seeing the highest increase at just 0.67%.

Scotland also remained below 2%, with the highest increase being seen in April at 1.15%.

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