SunLife: Homeowners must ensure insurance covers purchases made during lockdown

Jessica Bird

June 5, 2020

Simon Stanney sunlife

While lockdown continues to keep people in their homes, Simon Stanney (pictured), general insurance director at SunLife has warned that homeowners must make sure they are covered for new purchases under their contents policy.

Stanney said: “Insuring your home and its contents for the right amount is crucial to guarantee any claim you make will be paid in full.

“Because, if you make a claim for a certain amount and your insurer discovers you’ve said your possessions are worth less than their true value – even if you have done this accidentally – you will receive less money or may not get a pay-out at all.

“So if you have bought a new bike, new garden furniture or upgraded your home tech, make sure you ask your insurer to confirm that your policy provides sufficient cover for your needs.”

Stanney also urged homeowners to check their insurance policies for single item limits and garden and outbuildings cover.

He said: “Single item limits are the sum a contents insurance policy will pay out for any individual item which hasn’t been specifically named.

“This is usually between £1,000 to £2,000, so if you have recently purchased something of significant value – perhaps a new TV or bike – it may well need to be named separately on the policy.

“Also, if you have anything of value in your garden – hot tubs or large paddling pools, trampolines, garden furniture, ornaments, BBQs etc – you need to check they are covered.

“Some insurers cover theft or damage to garden contents as standard, but others don’t, so don’t assume.”

The other potential area for risk when it comes to home cover is around accidental damage.

Stanney added: “Now that we’re all spending so much time at home, and are doing more activities that could cause damage – like DIY and working out – the risk for accidents in the home and garden have increased.

“Some policies do not include accidental damage as standard, but it should be fairly easy to add on for an additional premium, and it is certainly worth considering while we are all spending so much time at home.”

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