Suros Capital completes property bridge in eight hours

Mortgage Introducer

October 28, 2021

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Suros Capital has completed a short-term bridging loan of £350,000 secured against a customer’s collection of watches and jewellery valued at £500,000 in eight hours.

The case was the second one for this particular client and was introduced by an intermediary specialising in development finance.

The client needed the funds to complete a purchase to expand his property portfolio and decided that it would be easier and quicker to make use of his collection of watches and jewellery again.

The customer is expecting funds from an imminent property sale to exit the new bridge.

Charles Hodge, business development director at Suros Capital, said:  “The customer had been very complimentary about our service when he used our service before and decided to use us again because of his previous experience.

“Much of the collection of watches and jewellery were already known to us and had been valued only months before. It, therefore, took only eight hours to release funds after the initial request.

“For a developer like this, the ability to access funds within hours, simply and quickly, has got to be a hugely valuable benefit and through Suros Capital, we can make it happen.”

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