Survey says don't give dormant savings money to charity

Amanda Jarvis

January 11, 2005

There has been a lot of debate about what should be done with money that is left in dormant savings accounts. One option was to give this money to charity. However, 67 per cent of www.moneyfacts.co.uk poll users do not think this should happen.

It seems that poll users are as undecided as many economists about house prices next year. 55 per cent think they will go down while 45 per cent think they will go up.

One surprise result was that 46 per cent of poll users would not, or did not, use an IFA when choosing and applying for a mortgage.

The new idea of charging a fee to transfer a balance to a credit card does not look like it will go down well with consumers, with 91 per cent saying they would not take out such a card.

You are welcome to use this data provided moneyfacts.co.uk is quoted as the source.


Do you know what an AER is? (5628)
YES: 66% NO: 34%

Do you think money left in dormant accounts should be given to charity? (4258)
YES: 33% NO: 67%

Do you think house prices will go up or down next year? (2869)
UP: 45% DOWN: 55%

Did you, or would you, use an IFA to help choose and apply for a mortgage? (2226)
YES: 54% NO: 46%

Do you know the PIN numbers for all your credit/debit cards? (2280)
YES: 48% NO: 52%

Would you choose a credit card that charges a fee to transfer a balance to it? (2125)
YES: 9% NO: 91%

Have you ever requested a copy of your credit file from the main agencies? (489)
YES: 42% NO: 58%

Are you considering a loan to consolidate debts or make a purchase? (463)

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