TAB hires director of comms & media

Ryan Bembridge

June 21, 2019

Bridging lender TAB has hired a director of media & communications in Bradley Tooth, known from working at O2 and Together.

Tooth (pictured) was at O2 for nearly 11 years, latterly as social media manager. After that he had a six-month stint at Together as social media manager.

He has been charged with overseeing the development of TAB’s content, communication and media strategy, as well as establishing the lender’s social media presence.

Duncan Kreeger, chief executive of TAB, said: “We believe in full transparency, we document our journey; warts and all, getting feedback from our peers, customers and competitors on a daily basis through sharing our story across social media, podcasts, PR and other channels.

“Bradley brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to this area that will help drive us forward.”

Tooth said: “Duncan has given me an incredible opportunity to showcase my skills whilst being an integral part of growing business within the financial services and prop tech industry, I’m excited about bringing to life Duncan’s vision and documenting our journey.”

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