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Grandin joined a panel of experts at the Crowd Invest Summit in Los Angeles last week to spread the word about what the UK mortgage market has to offer and build relations with US crowdfunding platforms in the process.

Grandin is founder of large portfolio focused buy-to-let brokerage Landlord Mortgages who lately launched Lend2landlord and Lend2developer, which link peer-to-peer funders with developers and landlords.

Mortgage broker Lee Grandin has slammed the Prudential Regulation Authority for giving buy-to-let landlords who take out a 5-year fix rate mortgage an exemption from…

After the credit crunch he reckoned lenders shunned professional landlords that refurbish properties them and instead turned to those looking to make a quick profit.

The government approved the third runway today.

Lend3Landlord’s Lee Grandin said rent increase predictions don’t stack up.

Grandin reckoned forward funding deals casts doubt on whether the P2P platform can find a funder in the first place and gives funders too much power.


McGivern warned crowdfunding could have a ‘catastrophic’ outcome.

The PRA’s September 2016 policy statement Underwriting standards for buy-to-let mortgage contracts says “arrears rates increase as portfolio size increases”.

David Lawrenson said landlords should “give a hug” to those “clowns” who contributed to the collapse of US bank Lehman Brothers on Wall Street and in the City of London.