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when lockdown ends

BSA Conference postponed

The conference was due to take place on the 5 and 6 May in Liverpool.

household finances during pandemic

The developer sent a letter to investors which said that work was suspended whilst funding was being sought.

According to the research, homebuyers don’t believe they will purchase such home until they are around 41 years.

Some areas of Liverpool saw house price value halve since 2008.

Aston Villa’s B6, Birmingham achieves yields of 6.98% on a monthly rental price of £760.

Liverpool residents expect to pay just £2,787, compared to £22,417 spent in upfront costs for those looking to purchase a typical property in London.

The results reveal even a home in desirable Chelsea would only take a Premier player 37 weeks to stump up the cash to buy the deeds.

Other cities with strong growth were Leicester (5.3%), Manchester (5.1%) and Glasgow (5.0%).

newcastle takeover

A Premier League player earns almost enough every game (£69,540) to buy a house near the grounds of Liverpool or Everton, where the average house price is £78,093, Halifax has found.

Manchester has the highest annual growth rate (7.4%), followed by Liverpool (7.2%), Birmingham (6.8%) and Leicester (6.5%), the UK City House Price Index for June…