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As well as its product range, the Mansfield will be able to offer Paradigm members access to its intermediary sales support team.

Manfield launches in Scotland

Residential criteria available from The Mansfield includes capital repayment and interest-only lending up to age 85.

Members of the Air Mortgage Club will now be able to access Mansfield’s range of mortgage products for later life customers.

The 2-year discounted rate product is priced at 2.75% variable during the initial term.

Family comes first

We believe family buy-to-let is an important part of the buy-to-let sector and indeed we, and advisers, are likely to see a growth in demand for it.

The products are offered to Mansfield’s Shared Ownership Club and include a 2-year fixed at 3.89% and a 5-year fixed at 4.49%.

The society’s 5-year discounted rate and 3-year fixed rate RIO mortgages are now being offered up to 55% LTV.

With such a saving, perhaps borrowers could purchase a bigger proportion of the property.

Versatility is The Mansfield’s range of mortgage products where an application may need more individual underwriting expertise.

The 2-year discounted rate product is offered to 70% LTV at a current rate of 3.69% (2.06% below SVR).