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This enable the transfer of mortgage application data and documents between intermediary and lender systems. 

Users of Twenty7Tec’s MortgageSource and MortgageApply systems will now be able to automatically and seamlessly produce GI quotes via Uinsure’s API for every mortgage case.

The integration will enable all Mortgage Advice Bureau’s brokers to source the best buy-to-let mortgage for their client’s needs, and then submit both an AIP and full application directly into Keystone Property Finance without the need to rekey client information.

Users will see Twenty7Tec’s MortgageSource and MortgageApply systems automatically produce binding GI quotes via Uinsure’s open API for every mortgage case.

Be careful what you wish for.

Tenet partnered with Twenty7Tec in October last year, to utilise its cloud-based ‘MortgageSource’ system from January 2019.

Cooke will be reporting to Phil Bailey in his role as sales and marketing director and Tucker will be reporting to Cooke.

The workshops are designed to help members to make greater use of available technology to improve their marketing and customer engagement.

In two years’ time there will be fewer mortgage advisers but they will see customers in a more efficient and streamlined way, Phil Bailey, director of intermediaries at Twenty7Tec has predicted.

Dwell Mortgages is one broker that utilises Twenty7Tec’s software.