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LML has teamed up with Precise Mortgages to create greater awareness and education for a product that now sits side-by-side with first charges.

The initial panel of lenders includes Precise Mortgages, Prestige Finance, Paragon Bank and United Trust Bank, with further lenders expected to be added over the next couple of months.


Previously directly authorised mortgage intermediaries could only access second charge lenders through specialist master brokers.

Charter Court, which owns Precise Mortgages and Exact, was on the market for £400m.

Alan Cleary: “We firmly believe this direct to broker second charge proposition will improve the choices available to the mortgage intermediary market and to the end consumer.”

The sale of Precise Mortgages’ parent could be delayed in the event of a Brexit vote after potential buyers have insisted on including a “material adverse change clause” in the deal.

Two in four Britons admit to knowing very little about the government’s Help to Buy ISA while 14% have never even heard of it, research from Precise Mortgages has found.

The conveyancer, which is part of Blacks Solicitors, is already on the Precise panel for residential and buy-to-let.

Nationwide has warned the SNP to be cautious and refrain from rushing through stricter rent controls in Scotland.

The Private Housing Bill was passed into law by the Scottish Parliament last night reducing landlords’ rights to repossess, end tenancies and raise rents in some areas.