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Tenants face higher risks

Demand for private rented housing rose for the eighth month in a row.

Professor David Miles said that more taxation landlords hasn’t helped first-time buyers.

It now takes private landlords an average of 22.5 weeks from making a claim to the courts for a property to be repossessed to it actually happening, up from 21.6 weeks since the beginning of the year.

In December 2017, the Scottish government ended ‘no-fault’ evictions and introduced indefinite tenancies for private tenants.

The association warned that the sentiment of these ads contradicts the Mayor’s own policy on short-term lettings.

These findings are seen as a result of government’s plans to end of Section 21 repossessions, under which landlords can repossess properties on grounds such as rent arrears or anti-social behaviour.

The RLA said only private landlords accredited by the council can obtain a longer HMO licence, even if they are able to display their qualities in other ways.

This is the highest proportion since the RLA started asking this question regularly in 2016. Some 23% of landlords report an increase in the demand for rental property over the previous three months, with 57% reporting it to be stable.

Figures given in a parliamentary answer reveal that during the 18 months until the end of September 2018 just three Rent Repayment Orders across England had been made by local authorities.

A court ruled that a landlord who seeks to repossess property where the Home Office tells them a tenant does not have the right to rent, is breaching equalities law because it discriminates on the basis of nationality.