Tag: Retirement interest-only mortgages

Members of the Air Mortgage Club will now be able to access Mansfield’s range of mortgage products for later life customers.

Stuart Wilson, managing partner at Later Life Academy, has praised the growing number of retirement-interest only lenders who will only accept RIO business from mortgage brokers who have an equity release qualification.

Hanley Economic Building Society has launched a range of retirement interest-only (RIO) mortgages.

Pooling resources and ideas to help raise awareness within the broker market must be a sensible way to go.

Family Building Society wants to launch into retirement interest-only mortgages, Keith Barber, director of business development at the society revealed.

The FCA wants to bring back retirement interest-only mortgages because it never considered the consequences of making interest-only mortgages less available, Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol argued.