TBMC wants to avoid confusion

Amanda Jarvis

October 19, 2004

TBMC has been trading under this name since 1989 and has many years experience and a depth of expertise in the commercial market, helping introducers place commercial mortgages across the full range of commercial lenders. Unlike many new entrants to the market, TBMC is not restricted to a very limited panel of lenders, and has the ability to fully analyse commercial loan proposals to ensure that the client obtains the best possible terms, whether on a full status or self certified basis.

The dangerous trend of so called ‘commercial specialist’s’ offering a narrow range of products with the sole purpose of maximising their commission income cannot be good for the industry as a whole.

The commercial finance market is a complex area. Any broker specialising in the sector needs the experience and track record to be able to offer potential clients access to the whole of the market, from the prime high street lenders to the non-status sector, which, whilst a necessary and long overdue addition to the commercial mortgage sector, is only the correct solution for a comparatively small percentage of commercial finance customers.

The lure of high commission payments for introducing business to these ‘tied agents’ may be initially attractive, but the longer term result of providing uncompetitive terms to customers who could have obtained better elsewhere will not do anything for the broker’s reputation and will certainly not assist in turning these customers into long term clients.

It is also advisable to ensure that any broker you are dealing with in the commercial sector is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, of which TBMC is a founder member.

“We are concerned to reinforce our identity and role in the light of the launch of TBMP”, said Head of Commercial Lending at TBMC, Mike Staight. “We wish to emphasise that we have no relationship with this new company. Brokers can continue to deal with us to discuss any commercial mortgage proposals they may have, in the knowledge that their customers will have access to the full commercial market and will receive a product that suits their needs and not just the scheme with the easiest processing criteria and the highest commission payments.”

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