Tenancy Deposit Protection is working

Nia Williams

February 2, 2010

David Salusbury, chairman, NLA, said: “The NLA believes we need to be careful not to let the current discussions about TDS price increases detract from the principle purpose of tenancy deposit protection: offering legal protection for tenants where, in the small number of cases, landlords wrongly withhold all or part of their deposit.

”The NLA welcomes recent comments from the Government that it is happy with the performance and high standards demonstrated by the approved tenancy deposit protection schemes. All-in-all, tenancy deposit protection legislation has proven to be a success and current issues must not alter this message.

”Today, I have written to TDS seeking clarification about the likely impact of their price increases on landlords and the NLA will communicate their response in due course. It is quite clear that landlords should not be expected to foot the bill of these price increases and we will be monitoring the situation carefully. For the NLA the interests of landlords must be safeguarded.”

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