Tenet sees 1,040 advisers register for online events programme

Jessica Bird

April 28, 2020

online events programme

Financial adviser Tenet Group has reported 1,040 registrations for its online events programme for advisers.

The programme provides an interactive online experience, including live question and answer session with the local business development manager after each session.

Advisers in attendance will qualify for the same CPD as at Tenet’s physical events, and can complete their reflective statements via a feature on Tenet’s mobile events app.

Tenet reported that the positive reaction to its online events has provided insight into the future running of programmes after lockdown is lifted, which will likely include a blend of remote and physical.

Corby Macdonald, managing director at Vickers Young, said: “Tenet has found a really good way of doing these events.

“[It is] time saving for me, just as effective with the delivery of the information, and [I] certainly believe it should be looked at for the future.”

David Smith, mortgage, protection and retirement lending specialist at Jalapeno, said: “[This] helps with CPD and keeps us going whilst working from home.

“[A recent event] was good for the diversity element of finding alternative business, especially in current times and the uncertainty of the mortgage market.”

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