Tenet launches social media service

Sam Cordon

May 17, 2013

The company has launched a cross-platform policy with clear and concise guidelines for advisers to obviate the need for approval on non-promotional content.

Helen Turner, asserted distribution and development director at Tenet, said: “We are committed to supporting firms who want to use social media to promote their business.

“There is significant adviser demand for such a facility and we are delighted to be able to provide one they can use with complete peace-of-mind.”

Lisa Williams, from Coventry-based TenetLime mortgage brokerage Keys UK Limited, played a key role in the pilot programme.

She said: “90% of my business is attributable to social media activity yet some networks impose a blanket ban.

“It is a vital tool to educate and inform not to advertise and promote. Tenet appreciate this distinction and has created a system that allows advisers to use it to their advantage safe in the knowledge that there is no threat of compliance or regulatory compromise.”

The scheme is set to be rolled-out to all Tenet advisers, both appointed representatives and directly authorised, in June.

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