Tenet partners with Towergate

Michael Lloyd

March 6, 2018

Tenet Group has partnered with Towergate to use its referral service for commercial and hard-to-place general insurance cases.

These include cases involving unoccupied, non-standard and high-risk properties.

Simon Broadley, managing director of TenetLime, said: “This referral service enables our members to easily place any home or commercial insurance that would be outside of most insurers’ criteria, with the peace of mind that they are referring their clients to experts in the field of this type of specialist insurance.”

Rob Ashburn, trading director, SME Division, Towergate, said: “We are delighted with the partnership launch and our access to a wide range of insurance products will help advisers across the Tenet Group to ensure their clients are sufficiently protected and their needs are met.”

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