TFC and Lancashire complete 3 day bridge

Robyn Hall

May 15, 2015

The case was received by TFC on the Tuesday and fully completed by the Thursday, thanks to the hard work of both teams, and the foresight of the client’s broker to refer the case to a specialist packaging firm.

TFC Homeloans’ managing director, Nigel Payne, said: “It is common for bridging finance to be required quickly, but to get a case from application to completion in three days requires co-ordinated effort on all sides. The broker who referred the case to us saved the day for his client, as we were able to swiftly place the deal and help push it to completion.”

The £375k loan had been required by the client to purchase a £630k auction property in London, but the original lender had pulled out at the last minute. This meant the client was at risk of losing the property unless he could secure funding that same week, so TFC and Lancashire stepped into the breach.

Payne added: “We knew immediately that Lancashire Mortgage Corporation was the most appropriate lender for this particular case and our close relationship meant that we worked together quickly to secure the funds and bring the client’s purchase back from the brink.”

Michael Allison, commercial lending manager of Lancashire Mortgage Corporation, added: “We understand that time is of the essence when a property is purchasing at auction. That’s why our underwriting team were committed to assessing this case and ensuring there was a positive outcome for the client as quickly as possible.

“In this instance our broker portal, My Broker Venue, helped TFC to submit the loan directly into our system to save administration time, leaving us to work together on building the case, and deal with all paperwork and solicitor communications efficiently. Due to our common sense approach we were able to arrange funding in three days which meant the client didn’t lose the property and the broker didn’t lose the case.”

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