The Ark Financial Leads to run moneyfacts leads

Nia Williams

April 19, 2011

The new service, which uses a process developed and implemented by The Ark, is designed to provide the public with a route for seeking advice when confronted with mortgage choice from the moneyfacts website.

It will be operated on behalf of moneyfacts by The Ark Financial Leads, with all leads being supplied exclusively to Openwork.

Jonathan Barrett from The Ark Financial Leads commented: “We are very pleased to have been selected by Moneyfacts to run their lead programme, especially so early on in our company’s development. We feel the direct arrangement with Openwork provides a unique solution both to consumers seeking advice and Openwork, who are looking to secure high quality enquiries for their advisers.”

Barrett added: “We have worked closely with moneyfacts and Openwork to make the process and journey for the prospect as transparent as possible, emphasising at every stage that by requesting advice they will receive a call from an Openwork adviser right down to the wordings on the buttons and this seems to be working well.”

Adam Betts from moneyfacts said: “We felt it was important for us to provide a ‘speak to an adviser’ option for visitors to our site as mortgages continue to represent a complex market.”

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