The importance of connectivity

Neal Jannels

November 12, 2019

Neal Jannels OMS

Neal Jannels (pictured) is managing director of One Mortgage System (OMS)

Cruise tourism is reported to have reached record highs with 30 million passengers expected this year, up from 17.8 million in 2009.

Now I used to think that going on a cruise was just for ‘old’ people.

I’m not exactly sure why, maybe it was something to do with the marketing messages of certain cruise companies or just an image I had stuck in my head, but I’m reasonably sure that I’m not the only person to have felt this way – am I?

I have since been lured aboard such a vessel and to be honest with you I really enjoyed it.

The experience soon made me realise how appealing it can be for a diverse group of people, hence the vast growth in popularity.

And this also got me thinking about some of the parallels between a cruise and a good tech solution.

A cruise ship is like a floating hub where everything you need is never too far away.

Success is built on developing a firm understanding of what your clientele wants and delivering it in a seamless manner.

You need to fuel and energise passengers with good quality food/drink and offer access to this at regular intervals, if not at all times for some.

A good tech solution will ensure that users can simply and conveniently source information to feed their business, at all times.

This ease of access and streamlining of admin burdens can then free up time to allow advisers to do what they do best – generate business, provide advice and maintain close relationships with their clients.

A cruise ship provides entertainment day and night to prevent passengers from going stir crazy and hosts a variety of opportunities to fill their time in a fun manner.

A good tech solution will also help stretch users’ capabilities whilst arming them with the right kinds of tools to ensure their clients are kept happy 24/7.

A cruise ship also stops at various places so that people can collect a variety of experiences and see different cultures.

A good tech solution will also be adaptable and open to connecting with a variety of partners, influencers and integrations to ensure that the users experience is the best that it can be.

It should offer a suite of functions which add to the overall experience without damaging the fundamental service standards on which it was built.

And being able to offer unique experiences or access to opportunities which are not available through other channels will result in better customer retention and more referrals.

Being a one-stop tech shop or a multi-stop ship isn’t so different.

If everything – your business, customer or client needs – is either available in the same place or easily accessible then it should be plain sailing for everyone.

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