The importance of professional advice


January 21, 2014

Paul Pearce is intermediary sales director Let Alliance.

The importance of professional advice when it comes to rental property protection is imperative. 

At Let Alliance we champion the need for independent financial and mortgage advice for one simple reason… because professional independent advice is the best advice!

There is no hiding the fact that price comparison websites are very good at attracting business, but don’t let this be your landlord clients.  

When it comes to something as important as specialist Landlord Buildings & Contents Insurance, why would anyone want to risk making their own decisions in place of a professional financial advisor?  

Of course, the comparison sites make it look like a simple decision, normally based on low premiums!  However, ask any landlord if this is really the most important aspect when looking to protect what could be a group of extremely important assets and income generators? 

Having high quality “specialist” Landlord Insurance in place is more complex and this can lead to errors when clients feel they want to deal direct.  For example it’s not uncommon to see buildings insurance that is meant for residential owner/occupied properties in place, when in fact it should be a landlord buildings policy.  How about landlords living overseas?  Many insurance policies won’t cover landlords who live overseas unless they have a specialist product in place.

As I said, price comparison websites lead on the cost of the products whereas you, as the professional take into account so much more i.e. product quality, multiple rental property portfolio discounts and personal circumstances.

Let Alliance does not appear on comparison websites and works with Directly Authorised and Appointed Representative financial/mortgage advisors.  We provide specialist Landlord Buildings & Contents Insurance and products for overseas landlords. We therefore urge you to skip price comparison sites and take advantage of high quality buy-to-let insurance product providers.

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