The Money Group launches fitness initiative

Michael Lloyd

December 11, 2019

The Money Group (TMG) has launched a Get Fit, Get Healthy initiative alongside its brand ambassador, Olympian Ashley McKenzie.

Some 25 people have agreed to be weighed and monitored over a five-week period which will include two personal workouts with McKenzie, hints and tips on healthy eating and a personalised fitness programme.

People can get involved on a personal level or as part of a work team and The Money Group has proposed that participants donate to their chosen charity on a one pound lost equals £1 of donations basis.

Scott Thorpe, co-founder of The Money Group, said: “We have been looking at some health statistics while building our in-house protection proposition and the link between a healthy lifestyle and continued good health was very obvious.

“I am the last person to take any moral high ground on this and my own weight has increased over the past two years and so I recognised the need to take action.

“Worldwide obesity has tripled in the past 40 years and with over 500,000 NHS admissions being linked to obesity we felt it was time to do something about it on a corporate and a personal level

“After the festive season has ended it is estimated that 26 million people will start trying to lose weight at the start of January.

However, it is also estimated that nine out of 10 of those who start with the best intentions will ultimately break their new healthy eating habits as soon as 12 January.

Mike Lawlor, owner of Integrity Wealth, added: “There has been a lot of banter on social media of late about food and Scott’s waistline.

“We all take it in good faith as we are all friends so I look forward to taking part in this initiative and I am happy to donate one of my fitted shirts to Scott at the end to see whether he can squeeze in to it!”

James Briggs, Precise Mortgages, said: “This is a great idea and working with an Olympic athlete for a few weeks will certainly help keep those at risk from the biscuit tin on their toes.”

Mckenzie is currently the best ranked Judo athlete in the UK and will be heading to Tokyo 2020 for his third Olympic appearance.

He added: “These desk boys have no idea of the pain I will inflict on them in the gym!

“Joking aside, health and fitness are two things very close to my heart and if I can make a small contribution to helping people reach their fitness gaols next year I am happy to get involved.”

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