The Mortgage Lender enhances BTL criteria

Jessica Nangle

January 27, 2020

Steve Griffiths The Mortgage Lender

The Mortgage Lender has enhanced its buy-to-let (BTL) criteria by increasing its overall lending threshold from £2.5m to £5m and removing the cap on the number of portfolio properties it will lend on.

The lender is also increasing the maximum loan for individual properties from £2m to £3m and accepting refinance applications within six months of the initial purchase.

The criteria enhancements are in response to broker feedback from distribution partners and directly authorised brokers.

The changes are available to the whole of the market immediately.

In addition, The Mortgage Lender will now accept BTL applications for properties on Anglesey and the Isle of Wight and lend on HMOs that are leasehold flats.

Steve Griffiths (pictured), sales director at The Mortgage Lender, said: “The criteria enhancements reflect what our broker partners have told us is important for them and their clients.

“It is only by having close relationships and being involved in the conversations about borrowers and properties that fall outside normal lending criteria that we are able to respond in this way and change how we operate to better meet the needs of brokers and their clients.

“We will continue to listen to our broker partners and make changes to our criteria and products to help more investors finance their BTL portfolios.”

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