The Moving Hub partners with The Property Jungle

Michael Lloyd

September 17, 2019

The Moving Hub, a conveyancing platform and case management system, has partnered with The Property Jungle, a provider of template property websites.

This partnership will offer The Property Jungles’ new and existing client bank of estate agents, lettings agents and property professionals’ access to The Moving Hub’s conveyancing service.

Peter Joseph, chief executive at The Moving Hub, said: “With agents and property professionals being squeezed from all angles such as legislation, Brexit, competition and market disruption, a growing number are looking for different ways to generate extra revenue whilst having the best online presence possible.

“This partnership achieves these objectives and illustrates how a joined-up tech approach can open doors to ancillary revenue streams.

“Our industry leading level of knowledge in conveyancing is being recognised by more and more agents as one of the key factors in choosing our proposition over others and we believe that this partnership with The Property Jungle will bring the opportunity to create increased revenues to more agents over the coming weeks, months and years.

“This integration is aligned to our aim of being the primary ‘plug-in conveyancing solution for estate agents and mortgage brokers.”

The Property Jungle will embed a free branded conveyancing quote calculator into the agent’s websites if they opt to use The Moving Hub’s conveyancing platform.

Mike Smithson, managing director, The Property Jungle, added: “We are always keen to give our clients the best opportunity to earn revenues from their websites and The Moving Hub presented as a genuine no-brainer to share with our clients.

“An upfront fee, that is not clawed back if the transaction falls through, generating quotes in under 30 seconds, 24/7 seemed like the ideal uptick in income we should offer.

“The due diligence we did on The Moving Hub showed me that the quality of service was up to the mark, the fees were genuine and agents who were using them couldn’t have been more satisfied.”

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