The Right DA Club reduces price of Gabriel/RegData report service

Mortgage Introducer

July 29, 2021

The Right DA Club has reduced the price of their Gabriel/RegData report service, as well as including further discounts on multiple purchases.

The price reductions are increased if more than one of the services is purchased.

Bob Scott, managing director of The Right DA Club, said: “One of the most daunting tasks for the DA Firm, is the bi-annual return of their Gabriel Report (RegData). For the very experienced and established Team here at The Right DA Club, they are second nature.

“Don’t worry the next time yours is due, call our team and let us take away your worries. Even more of a reason to call now; REDUCED Gabriel report Fees until the end of the Year. Book two or more in advance for even greater savings.”

Martin Wilson, CEO of ‘The Right…’ group of companies, added: “We know that members are constantly on the lookout for affordable solutions to their business needs, and that directly authorised members are looking to do this hand-in-hand with controlling how their business is run.

“This reduction in fees reinforces our ‘partnership’ approach to working with directly authorised advisors to get the best of both worlds.”

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