The Society of Underwriting Professionals releases good practice guide

Michael Lloyd

October 24, 2019

The Society of Underwriting Professionals has released a good practice guide for subsidence.

The six-page guide states that each request for cover must be treated individually and underwriters should recognise other potential causes of damage.

It also said that underwriters should thoroughly assess whether underpinning could be required so that coverage can be priced appropriately.

Philip Williams, non-executive director of The Society of Underwriting Professionals, said: “With temperatures rising in the UK, more hot summers are expected.

“This will have an impact on more properties being hit by subsidence as well as impacting existing claimants.

“There will be a greater need to investigate and action cases of subsidence, as well as preventing subsidence from reoccurring.

“We hope this good practice guide will ensure underwriters and claims professionals feel better equipped to do that.”

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