TheCore re-launched with free trial offer

Robyn Hall

October 24, 2012

The system has been subjected to a range of enhancements and developments and is compatible with all Windows operating systems including the soon to be released Windows 8.

The firm wants brokers to see for themselves the benefits of using a modern sourcing system that offers a new level of accuracy and flexibility. Brokers can enjoy a free 30-day trial of the system but simply visiting www.cdsthecore.com

Richard Hurst, marketing director at Client Data Systems, said: “We’re excited to launch this updated version of the system. We know the value of product accuracy and continue to have this at the heart of the system by using over 1,700 data fields compared to older, existing systems that use circa 200.

“We also believe that brokers will like the fact that the system shows a more realistic number of the options available as products are not duplicated because of differing LTV bands, fee structures and distribution options. The result is that brokers aren’t faced with 15 versions of the same product, just the most appropriate one.

“Perhaps the item that gets the most positive feedback is that we update product changes as they happen. As soon as our data team is notified of a product change they make the change to the live database so brokers don’t have to wait for a twice daily product update or, in some cases, an entire day to find out a product has been withdrawn.

“We appreciate that some brokers may feel that they’ve heard this all before so we’d like them to enjoy a free trial of the system to see for themselves the benefits of using a modern system.”

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