Time is flying by

Paul Hunt

April 9, 2018

Over the Easter break, whilst looking out of the window at the rain, I felt that we were still in February and was shocked to realise that we were now in April and the beginning of Spring / British Summertime!

Time can swiftly pass us by and you don’t get those hours / days back and so you need to be selfish with your time, as this is vital to ensure you hit your targets/goals that you set at the start of the year.

The plans I have set out for a couple of clients involve participation in industry roadshows and seminars and helping them ensure they get the maximum value from them by scheduling pre and post event activity.

It’s clear that those brokers that do attend, derive huge value from the time spent talking to the sponsoring lenders and technology providers and with so many changes in the sector, they are a great way for you to keep abreast of these, which will undoubtedly help your clients in the long run.

Scheduling time to read trade press websites and magazines should also be in the diary and I try to recap on all the news that week every Friday. Websites such as this contain much valuable insight and lenders and other providers to the mortgage broker community spend a lot of time and money to ensure news and comments are posted.

Finally, spare a thought for the promotional email too, granted not always useful or informative, but instead of sending all to Trash, what about storing those that you think merit reading at a later date and reviewing them at the end of the week?

It will soon be Christmas, but by using your time wisely, you will be able to help your customers more by being better informed, happy reading!

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