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Paul Hunt

March 19, 2018

Paul Hunt (pictured) is a marketing consultant

Waiting in a hospital pre-op room is probably one of the most unusual places that someone has written an article for this website/magazine, but I’ve a bit of time on my hands currently…

It’s now been six months since I started out as a freelance marketing consultant and also since I started writing this blog, so with time to ponder I decided to review progress and consider what’s worked, what’s not gone so well and what plans I should put in place for my next six months.

One thing I realised is that I had a lot to learn and the only way to do this was to grow my account organically and follow lots of people to see the good, bad and indifferent uses of the platform.

I’ve also found checking my followers daily is vital, as I’ve been surprised by the amount of, how should I say it, ‘exotic’ profiles that randomly wish to follow me. I block them straight away, but it surprises me that many people and firms allow them to follow. A word of advice, check and block…

Twitter analytics is a great tool and as I never used Twitter personally before I became self-employed, what does it tell me?

  • I’ve sent 66 tweets since 1 September until end of February
  • My highest engagement rate is 14.8% and this was on my post for a blog on this website with a picture of my broken arm
  • Does this tell me that people care about my well being? I think it tells me that attaching a picture makes a difference
  • Generally, tweets at industry events get good impression levels and an example of this was at the #miawards2017 with 545 and so whenever I’m at at events I tweet
  • I did succumb to posting a video of my two dogs playing in the snow and I got 558 impressions
  • This tells me small dog videos are always going to be more popular than mortgages

Twitter is an amazing tool and I’ve had some great interactions, it does require thought and what I’ve learnt is that just be authentic, be clear on the voice you wish to use and what you want to say.

Not much different to other marketing communication channels really…

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