TMA Club launches Customer Retention KIT

Michael Lloyd

July 19, 2019

lisa martin tma

TMA Club has launched its Customer Retention KIT, which stands for Keeping in Touch.

It is designed to support directly authorised intermediaries by helping them to simply and easily get back in contact with clients, especially with the expected wave of peaks in residential and buy-to-let product maturities.

Lisa Martin (pictured), development director at TMA, said: “As technology gets more and more sophisticated, we are constantly sourcing the best tools in the market which will provide our members with what they really need: ease and speed.

“By launching our very own KIT to help with the customer retention journey, advisers can rest assured knowing they have the resources in place to help them interact and engage with clients regularly – and maintain, if not boost, the number of customers they serve.

“We believe that fusing the human touch with technology will provide the ultimate broker experience and with today’s announcement, we hope to support more of our members in doing so, allowing them to strengthen their business in the long-run.”

TMA’s KIT will provide support for members looking to keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis, as well as for those customers approaching the end of their mortgage term.

The KIT can be used for customers with mortgage needs, as well as those holding protection and GI products.

Resources within the KIT designed for advisers to use during their interaction with customers include: letter templates, hints and tips for social media, branding support, useful suppliers, useful links, statistics and infographics.

TMA said it will continually review and add to the KIT.

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