TMA partners with LifeQuote

metlife drastic change protection

TMA Club has partnered with Direct Life’s leading specialist protection service, LifeQuote, to provide administration support to advisers through technology.

TMA brokers will be able to access LifeQuote’s software and services, including its telephone application service and apply online options.

Lisa Martin, development director at TMA, said: ‘’The past year has shown us how important it is to support our brokers whilst they continue to work remotely.

“Technology has been an invaluable resource throughout this time, allowing us to offer guidance and advice to brokers throughout the crisis, whilst enabling them to achieve great customer outcomes.

“Even after the pandemic subsides, technology will continue to be crucial for helping advisers navigate the protection process in the digital age, ensuring that they can continue to protect more families.

“We are confident that our partnership with LifeQuote will be invaluable for brokers, as it will allow them to dramatically reduce the administrative burden involved in the protection process, and therefore provide them with more time to support clients.”

Neil McCarthy, CCO at LifeQuote added: “We know advisers are incredibly busy arranging mortgages. We can deliver efficiencies in the protection sales process that allow the advisers to focus on the sales advice and transfer all the protection administration responsibilities to us.

“We are looking forward to working with TMA to deliver an outsourced service that saves the adviser time, and reduces the business risk, leaving LifeQuote’s expert team to complete the protection policies that are so important to the customer, and their family’s financial resilience.”

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