TMA to offer compliance bulletin

Robyn Hall

April 30, 2013

The bulletin will provide DAs with an insight into compliance changes they need to be aware of the risks and costs to their business and the latest news from regulators – all in an easily digestible and understandable format.

Karen Hedges, mortgage manager at TMA and First Complete, said: “Keeping abreast of compliance changes is a challenge for businesses of all sizes but it can be especially taxing for directly authorised advisers whose primary focus is on meeting the needs of their clients.

“To make it easier for our members TMA will now send out a regular compliance bulletin to keep brokers up to date on the latest compliance changes and ensure they are aware of how to keep their business and their clients’ safe which will be of particular importance with the changes that may occur under the new FCA regime.”

The first issue includes topics such as money laundering, fraud and results from the Financial Services Authority’s mystery shopping review as well as a roundup of the latest consultation papers.

The next bulletin will give advisers valuable information on changes they need to be aware of and costs they may incur now that they will be regulated by the FCA rather than the FSA.

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