TMA unveils GDPR Knowledge Base

Michael Lloyd

February 15, 2018

TMA Club has launched a new resource for advisers that includes useful guides, FAQs and infographics on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR is replacing the current Data Protection Act 1998 in order to bring data protection legislation into line with how data is being used, stored and shared in the modern age.

Labelled the ‘GDPR Knowledge Base’, the online platform contains all the information advisers need to understand the regulatory changes ahead of the May 25th deadline.

Lisa Martin, development director at TMA, said: “At TMA we know regulatory changes can be challenging and even a little intimidating.

“The GDPR is the next significant regulatory change that Directly Authorised Intermediaries will face so, to help guide them through the new landscape, we have created our exclusive GDPR Knowledge Base.

“We are certain the information contained within the Knowledge Base will be of great use to our members as we continue to support them through what is set to be another year of complex regulatory change.”

The GDPR Knowledge Base also includes practical advice from TMA’s compliance team, a number of important checklists, and links to information as outlined by the information commissioner’s office.

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