TMP Compliance Service states concernes over ill-equipped brokers

Amanda Jarvis

November 5, 2004

Although delighted at the number of requests for help from brokers trying to cope with the new regulatory system. Head of compliance Helen Whittingham who was previously with the MCCB said  “We are amazed at the reaction from some brokers who have failed to grasp even the basics of the FSA regulation. Many still think that using outdated MCCB processes will mean they are compliant. In general though brokers want to get complaince right and are relieved when they find out how straightforward and cost effective it can be to set up the right processes early on in the new regime.” Helen continued: “ In my experience the longer one leaves compliance the worse the problem becomes. I am sure the FSA will not be as benign as the MCCB was and those intermediaries who mean to stay in business need to do something sooner rather than too late”

TMP’s compliance service is aimed at small to medium sized IFAs and Mortgage Brokers offers an initial risk assessment and gap analysis report, through to a fully integrated and compliant operations manual and processes. John Mawdsley, Director of The Mortgage Partnership said “ The beauty of our offering is that you can take as much or as little as you need. It complements the added value that TMP already delivers to the intermediary market through its packaging operation.

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