TMW launches cashback range for landlords

Jake Carter

November 24, 2021


The Mortgage Works (TMW) has introduced a cashback range for landlords looking to remortgage.

A free valuation range has also been introduced for those looking to purchase or remortgage.

Landlords looking to remortgage to TMW will be able to choose from a range of mortgages that come with a £400 cashback and free standard buy-to-let (BTL) valuation.

Rates on the cashback range include a 2-year fix at 65% loan-to-value (LTV), at 1.24% with a 2% product fee, a 2-year fix at 75% LTV, at 1.79% with a £995 product fee, a 5-year fix at 65% LTV, at 1.74% with a £995 product fee, and a 5-year fix at 75% LTV, at 1.99% with a £995 product fee.

TNW has also introduced a mortgage range for landlords looking to purchase a property, which comes with free standard valuations.

Rates on this range start from 1.54% for a 2-year fix and 1.94% for a 5-year fixed product.

The TMW cashback offering will replace the existing range, which is only available until the close of business on 24 November.

Daniel Clinton, head of lending at TMW, said: “In the current economic environment, we have seen strong demand from landlords looking to remortgage to The Mortgage Works.

“As a result, we’re enhancing our remortgage offering to include a competitive £400 cashback option, which landlords can use to cover the legal expenses when sourcing their own conveyancer.”

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