Tony Ward launches Anglo Dutch risk firm called Fortrum

Ryan Bembridge

May 15, 2018

Ex-Clayton Euro Risk directors Tony Ward and Simon Collingridge have launched a risk audit and due diligence firm with The Dutch Mortgage Consultants based in Utrecht and London.

In February Mortgage Introducer revealed that Ward (pictured) was looking to spearhead the launch of a mortgage insurance product in the Netherlands.

Ward and Collingridge, who are both part of consultancy firm Home Funding, have partnered with Jaap van Raak and Michel van der Sluis of The Dutch Mortgage Consultants.

Ward said: “Global investors are increasingly focusing on the dynamic and growing Dutch mortgage market and European securitisation markets show further signs of re-emergence.

“With continuing pressure from regulators, governments and markets on Banks across Europe to address the scale of non-performing loan exposures, and as the requirements of IFRS9 loom ever larger there is a clear opportunity for a new type of player in the due diligence and risk arena.

“The Netherlands is an ideal location for our new venture. Fortrum is our solution and we are delighted to join Jaap and Michel in this venture.”

Jaap van Raak will become the managing director of Fortrum.

He said: “As northern Europe continues to recover from the effects of the global financial crisis and in a post-Brexit world, the Netherlands is a key country for investors and is an exciting place in which to base our joint venture.

“Michel van der Sluis and I are excited to team up with Tony Ward and Simon Collingridge to set a new standard in the risk, audit and due diligence sector across Europe.”

Collingridge said their collective experience and expertise in the UK and Dutch markets, securitisation and risk analysis, are unparalleled in this field.

Collingridge added: “Combined with the risk solutions provided through regulated entity Home Funding, our association with insurance specialists Lime Risk Agency and the effective workforce and systems solutions of our colleagues in the Netherlands we believe the breadth of our services are uniquely placed to meet the needs and goals of our clients.”

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