Trick or treat: Halloween property hotspots

Sarah Davidson

October 27, 2015

The index, which ranks towns and cities across England by a combination of factors key to ensuring a successful Halloween haul – namely, high property prices and household density, safe roads and low local crime rates – has also revealed that places such as Chesterfield, Middlesbrough and Hull could be less favourable locations for trick or treat revellers.

Milton Keynes, where property prices are £266,533, topped the table, boasting the lowest crime rate of all the towns and cities analysed, making the area one of the safest places for trick-or-treaters.

Colchester came second with the area’s combination of low crime and relatively high home values making it a safe bet for trick-or-treaters.

Conversely, to those seeking spooky treats around Chesterfield this Halloween, beware; the area’s low population density, below-average house price values and high levels of road traffic accidents have resulted in the town coming bottom of the trick or treat Index.

Those scouring for sweets in Hull and Middlesbrough may also not be particularly successful.

Middlesbrough has one of the index’s highest crime rates as well as a relatively low number of households (57,200), while Hull has the lowest average house price of all the areas surveyed.

To celebrate the scary season, Zoopla can also reveal 10 of the UK’s spookiest street names.

Among those identified are Spook Hill in Dorking where the average property is valued at £651,298, Black Cat Drive in Northampton where the average home is estimated to be worth £192,587, and Goblins Green in Welwyn Garden City where average values are £303,218.

Lawrence Hall of Zoopla said: “Seasoned trick-or-treaters know what will help them secure a better Halloween haul and stay safe while doing so.

“For the optimum Halloween experience, our index shows that Milton Keynes is the place to go. Homeowners in the area might want to stock up on goodies, or else be prepared for some tricks coming their way!”

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