Trigold and Equifax link up

Amanda Jarvis

December 20, 2005

An exclusive new link between Trigold and Equifax will provide mortgage advisors with an ‘added value’ service for their clients, to help them source the best possible mortgage deal.

Under the new agreement, mortgage advisors using the Trigold system can now offer their clients the option of obtaining their Equifax Credit Report™, allowing them to ensure all information in their mortgage application is up to date. With the Trigold system, mortgage advisors will receive a list of only the best mortgages appropriate for an individual’s credit rating.

Over 60% of mortgage intermediaries rely on Trigold software and have free access to the innovative ENC (Enhanced Non Conforming) sourcing module, which is supported by over 95% of leading specialist lenders. Since its launch in February 2005, ENC has created a step change in the Non Conforming mortgage market. ENC now offers certainty in sourcing mortgage products and providing accurate results based on a client’s credit situation and requirements as well as the lender’s underwriting rules.

However, the sophistication of the sourcing engine relies on the accuracy of client data upon which it is basing the results. Through this exclusive new alliance, advisors can help customers ensure that their mortgage application is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Advisors will no longer waste time and effort mistakenly recommending and applying for mortgage products that will inevitably be refused due to forgotten debts.

Bill Safran, CEO of Trigold, comments, “This is a fantastic new partnership that solves the one remaining issue in sourcing non conforming mortgages. We have been told by numerous advisors that there are few things more frustrating than applying for a prime mortgage for a customer only to have that application rejected because of an outstanding debt that the customer did not know or disclose and then having to start the whole advice process again.

“This unique service helps advisors add value to the service for their clients and heralds a new era of accuracy. As a result, the whole mortgage application process will be faster and generate higher sales conversions for advisors as recommendations are based on fact and not fiction. This was the final piece of the jigsaw and we’re delighted to have worked with Equifax to have solved it.”

Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director, Equifax concludes, “Trigold is the leading mortgage sourcing service with over 60% of the market, making this a key alliance for us. We understand the day-to-day issues advisors face in obtaining the most accurate information when handling mortgage applications. We believe that giving advisors the ability to offer the Equifax Credit Report to their customers is an important move forward which I am sure will be welcomed by the industry as a whole.”

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