Trigold hosting seminars25

Ramesh Sharma

March 25, 2006

The update of Prospector AAA, currently used by around 24,000 mortgage intermediaries, includes an updated payment calculator and matrix, a redesigned Electronic Trading Exchange (ETE) as well as the exclusive link to Equifax and use of the Enhanced Non-Conforming (ENC) system.

Bill Safran, CEO of Trigold, said: “We are bringing more functionality onto the desktop so that the system is easier and faster for intermediaries and allows them to give better advice to their customers.”

Around 40 seminars are scheduled for the next few months and are aimed at educating brokers on using the system.

Safran added: “The mortgage market is continually growing and developing at an astounding rate and it is essential that intermediaries’ systems lead the way and that system providers act and not merely react to changing trends. Support is also crucial in helping advisors get the very best out of their system, which is why we have invested in a national series of seminars.”

Upcoming Trigold seminar dates include Glasgow (30 March), Tunbridge (4 April), Leeds (5 April) and Nottingham (8 April).

Jonathan Burridge, managing director at Quantum Mortgage Brokers, said: “Any enhancements to make the current sourcing systems more accurate are a good thing and more focus should be made on this rather than additional functionality that I suspect is rarely utilitised.”

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