Trigold Z-apps application processes

Ramesh Sharma

March 11, 2006

Z-apps is an integral new component of the Electronic Trading Centre (ETC) and is aimed at eliminating the time, effort and hassle inherent in the electronic application process.

It will allow the adviser to send, electronically, a lender-specific application form to the end customer to complete and return to the adviser which can then be submitted electronically to the lender. It pre-populates customer information previously gathered in the factfind and mortgage sourcing with the whole process protected by MOD level encryption security.

Bill Safran, CEO at Trigold, explained that conversations with advisers highlighted one of their main complaints about electronic applications is the time and hassle of typing these applications onto the system and the laborious process of gathering information required for the application form.

He said: “Z-apps is designed to eliminate these issues by allowing the adviser to simply send the customer the application to complete it in the comfort of their own home. This will remove the multitude of made and missed phone calls that are traditionally required to complete an application.”

Sally Laker, managing director at Mortgage Intelligence, said: “It’s another step forward. We are now in a technology-based era and it’s all about the easier option. Emailing is instant and you don’t need to worry about sending things through the post. Everything is about service as you have to be quick. This gets you more business done and if you are quick then people will be more likely to recommend you. I think brokers will be very interested.”

The technology was developed by Trigold in conjunction with its strategic partner Focus Solutions.

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