TrigoldCrystal release new tools to help brokers

Robyn Hall

March 30, 2010

The investment into building a complete new products database engine, rules engine and maintenance engine has been undertaken to provide tools to allow intermediaries to take a leap forward in the services they can offer and increase efficiencies in the way they work.

The new development by TrigoldCrystal enables all future developments to be built on the same platform allowing a family of tools and solutions that all work together and “speak” to each other to be built for intermediaries and the financial services sector.

The first tool is “Your Site Sourcing” which provides a configurable mortgage product sourcing plug-in for the intermediary’s website, so giving the intermediary a sourcing tool on their website, that is their site but with a plug-in using the same TrigoldCrystal mortgage data as used in the market leading mortgage sourcing tool Prospector.

The tool allows the intermediary to configure the sourcing results columns and questions which are shown on their site.

This is done via a very easy to use configuration screen, used by the intermediary to decide what questions their personalised site will ask and what results columns will show.

They can for example, amongst other things, chose not to show the lender name or restrict certain lender’s products from showing in the results.

Critically the website site user is encouraged to then fill in an enquiry form and this enquiry will be instantly emailed to the intermediary to act upon.

The enquiry can also be sent electronically into the TrigoldCrystal-CRM system, where it can be seen and managed via the CRM functionality.

The second tool is “Best Buys Tables” which is a quick and easy plug-in that allows the intermediary to show personalised best buy tables on their website.

Again the tables are configurable by the intermediary and enquiries generated from the best buy tables can be instantly emailed to the intermediary and can also be sent electronically into the TrigoldCrystal-CRM system.

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director at TrigoldCrystal, said: “We are very excited about the results from our incredible development effort over the past months and what we can now do to help intermediaries promote and enhance their business.

“The whole idea behind the suite of new tools is to allow the intermediary access to tools which increase the interest and business generation capability of the intermediary’s websites.

“By integrating the business generation tools with our existing sales and business processing systems we now have a complete solution for the lead and sales lifecycle.

“We are very much looking forward to releasing the next tools in the suite in the coming months”

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